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Judy Talks About Anxiety

Many of us feel anxiety occasionally, some of us feel it almost continually, but very few of us understand it. Anxiety is complex. Itís a modern reaction based on some very primitive wiring. When the modern person feels anxiety, they cannot respond with fight, flight or freeze as their ancestors did. Our problems usually can not be solved by such a simplistic bodily response. The genetic program, however, lives on and we feel the adrenalin surge as anxiety symptoms.

In my practice, I have discovered that anxiety is primarily a control issue. The anxious person can not accept or deal with some piece of their reality. It must be different. Reality must change to fit their needs or their self image. Unfortunately, reality doesn't work that way, it proceeds in its own time and way, and with its own wisdom or lack of it. The anxious person can somehow not accept this; it is too devastating. Their understanding of what they can control in life and what they cannot is blurred. They deeply fear whatever reality is presenting to them and this fear, unfortunately, is not felt directly. If it were felt directly, the entire process would be so much easier to change. The fear is repressed and makes its second entrance masked as anxiety, which is far more complex and subtle, both physically and psychologically.

If this phenomenon happens occasionally, it is manageable. Unfortunately, for some it happens more often. The entire system then begins to experience more and more of reality as fearful. They feel less and less competent in handling the world. As a result they attempt more control of self, of situations, or of people outside themselves. Patterns begin to form neurologically and now there is a life diminishing problem.

Often the anxious person doesn't even know that they are afraid. They donít understand what is really going on and suffer unnecessarily. If you have anxiety that is undermining your life, I can help. I do this every day. Please phone me at 604-538-9796.