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Change is Possible

Who wants to change? Many of us do. We have small parts of our lives that are unfulfilling or blocked. We find ourselves unable to risk, unable to communicate, or even unable to hope. We get overlooked or avoided at the office, we lose a relationship or a marriage and we wonder, "What happened?"

We find ourselves covering up and pretending to be happy while the emptiness grows inside us. But we carry on, somehow hoping that life's circumstances will change and then it will be ok. Unfortunately, this usually does not happen because our adult life circumstances are a creation and a reflection of us. The situations and relationships we find ourselves in are part of a dynamic we have constructed. When we begin to change, our life begins to change.

Sometimes our pain is not so small and confined to a particular area of our life. It can take over. Panic and anxiety develop and become uncontrollable, depression moves into despondency and desolation, compulsive behaviour and obsessive thoughts begin to rule our lives. We experience emotional turmoil and worthlessness, we become desperate. Traumatic events from the past resurface and we simply cannot move on.

This kind of pain and deadness can happen to us, but it need not happen in such intensity and it need not continue. People can change. It is possible to create peace, self-love and happiness in our lives. It is possible to reconcile and reconstruct a marriage. A positive and loving relationship to self and a vitality and enthusiasm for life are all possible. I work with people every day making these changes happen.

If any of this rings true for you and you’d like to talk about the possibility of change, I can help. Please call me at 604-538-9796.