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Judy Talks About Depression: The Quiet Killer

One of the most destructive forces to our vitality and our enthusiasm for life is depression. It saps our energy, it greys our days and it numbs our feelings. Life becomes a series of joyless tasks, mechanically performed. We lose our heart, our creativity, and our desire. Some of us sleep or eat too much, others not at all. Each day feels heavy, like something we have to endure and nothing has much meaning.

Depression moves from quietly diminishing our life force to depleting us completely. People can end up sitting lifelessly in dark rooms for days on end. They stare out the window with glassy eyes and hope that no one will come in.

And where does this Grim Reaper come from? How does he manage to do this much damage without even a fight? Actually, it’s easy for him to move in because we’ve usually got our eyes closed; we don’t want to attend to a particular personal problem. For example, John is in a job that he really doesn’t like but his self-esteem isn’t up to the challenge of making a move. He endures. He tells concerned people that he needs the financial security and doesn’t want to disrupt the children. He believes this himself. Five years later John is depressed and he doesn’t know why. He’s lost his “aliveness” and his family, friends and workmates all suffer from this, but nobody suffers as much as John.

This is only one of many roads to depression. We can get there by repressing our anger or by stuffing our feelings. Depression often comes from not an unlived dream, but an unattempted dream. It comes from messages that we took in as children that are simply not true or from mistakes that we made as adults that remain unforgiven and unforgotten. And in all this, the important thing to remember is that depression is not necessarily a permanent fixture. It need not diminish your days nor dim your aliveness.

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