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Judy Talks About You and Food

There are a few people in this culture who eat when they are hungry and stop when their bellies feel full. They get up from the table feeling satisfied and don't think about food until they are hungry again. The words "diet" and "binge" are not in their vocabulary. I know two such people. They are rare in this society.

The rest of us don't seem to have such a simple, healthy relationship with food. For some of us food becomes a great magical god, the panacea for all our ills. It erases our boredom and cheers us up. It consoles our sorrow, numbs our anxiety and even extinguishes our anger. Unfortunately, this kind of magic is only temporary and our emotions don't really go away. They wait to be felt and processed and if this doesn't happen, then they create problems.

If we eat to stuff our feelings, there is a price to pay. We feel guilt and shame and that often leads to another trip to the kitchen. If this happens often enough and long enough we create the pattern of compulsive eating - the nagging invasive thoughts, the insatiable cravings, and the out of control binges. Our bodies suffer. All in all, we don't feel good about ourselves and that leads to more eating.

For some of us, food becomes not the great magical god, but the malevolent enemy. We throw the food up after we've eaten it or we use laxatives to remove it from our bodies. We spend hours at the gym exercising away even possibility of fat cells. For some people food becomes so horrific that they refuse to eat it. Even the thought of eating can be terrifying to them. Life must be lived as far away from the enemy as possible.

I work with people like this, people who have made food into a god or a devil. I help them to establish a healthy relationship with food. I help them to free themselves. If you are having these kinds of problems, please call me. My number is 604-538-9796.