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Judy Talks About the Inner Critic

Is there a voice inside your head that is continually critical? Does it call you names like “idiot” or “jerk”? Does it seem to find fault with everything you do and never let you enjoy life or feel good about your accomplishments? Psychology calls this the “inner critic” and this voice can be vicious, power-hungry and destructive – not a nice thing to be carrying around inside you.
Needless to say, this internal critic is a product of our early years and develops in different ways. Sometimes we are brought up to believe that our accomplishments are more important than we are. Sometimes it develops because needs are not being met. For example, when a child doesn’t receive enough love and attention at home, they reach out to get those missing pieces somewhere. They begin to excel in their studies or sports and this helps.  In time they become overachievers.
The internal critic can be a key motivator in the overachiever. As the child develops into an adult, this voice becomes harsh and punitive and drives them to achieve more and more. Nothing is ever good enough. Successes are never celebrated; the focus is only on how they can achieve more next time.
If this kind of voice in the mind is small, it can detract from the quality of your days. If it is powerful, it can ravage your life.

If your internal critic is problematic for you, I want you to know that it can be changed. If you want to make this change please call me at 604-538-9796.