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(What My Clients Say About Me)

For the past 20 years I have worked with many wonderful people. They have allowed me to share in their lives and I consider that both an honor and a privilege. Here is what some of them have to say about my work.

: ..."If anyone had told me before our work together just how much she would help me, I would not have believed it possible...." Read More

Nancy M.…
“Panic attacks were causing me to avoid all the things in life that I had formerly loved.” Read More

Janet:...  "I have been able to understand and conquer my bulimia..." Read More

JPV…"I am finally free of alcohol and am thinking of healthier ways to dull the edge of the stress in my life.” Read More

"Judy really listened to what I had to say. I felt her attention and compassion and always left our sessions better equipped to cope."  Read More

Shayne Middleton: ...
"With Judy you are not just a client. She genuinely cares about you.."  Read More

Lawrence L.Thibault:..."I suffered for thirty-three years, wanting only to die and in just three and a half years of working with Judy, I now look forward to the rest of my life."  Read More

"For someone like myself who has issues with trust, I was surprised at the ease with which Judith made me feel both comfortable and open..." Read More

KS:..."When I first started to see Judy I was depressed and had no goals, I was feeling so hopeless."... Read More

"I am happier, and no longer feel stuck..." Read More

..."She was the first counsellor I had been to that actually challenged me, because of this I was able to look at things differently and grow. . . " Read More

V:... "For the only time in my life, I am free of the deep sadness within my core and I am really enjoying my life."...  Read More

Linda PK:...
" it's difficult even to express how deeply I appreciate you being in my life."...  Read More

" Judy Rosen helped me to heal my relationship with my parents and to be able to love them unconditionally."...
                                                                            Read More

CL:... "Some of the changes I have experienced are increased self-esteem, independence . . ."    Read More