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 Anonymous Says...

"It is difficult to summarize my work with Judy in a few brief sentences. If anyone had told me before our work together just how much she would help me, I would not have believed it possible. I came to Judy with all of the baggage that an adult child of an alcoholic father carries through life. I trusted very few people, none of whom were men. I was unwilling to give men a chance. I had no confidence. I worried way too much about other people's thoughts and needs, and never expressed my own. My relationship with my family was unhealthy. Although I had many friends and a successful career, I was not happy. I worried about everything. I was afraid of everything. I had no faith in the Universe.

Judy has taught me that it is o.k. to express my thoughts and needs, and in fact she has convinced me that it leads to stronger, healthier relationships with others. She has helped me to put my relationship with my family into a less prominent, healthier place in my life. She has helped me learn to trust and to have faith in others and the Universe. We are still working on that, but there has been so much progress. I am more confident now. I worry much less. I fear much less, and I am so much happier than I have ever been. I recently married a wonderful, supportive, loving man who I love with all my heart. My wedding was a victory for my work with Judy. My life has been forever altered by Judy. It is impossible for me to express the gratitude I feel for her. I only wish that I had met Judy earlier.

Some of the reasons that I think that Judy could help me (when no other therapist could) are that she is intuitive; she respects my needs and personality; she is supportive, warm, and patient; she genuinely cares about people; she is intelligent, articulate, and delightful to be around; she is flexible in her approach (for example, Judy believes strongly in the benefits of body work, but I am more comfortable working at a cognitive level so that is where we work); she is spiritual; she is a great resource of information; she makes me feel safe, and as if everything is going to be o.k. Judy is truly a gifted person.  Anonymous:



SB says...

Judy is fabulous to work with. In my darkest most confused hours, she helped me make sense of my darkness and confusion, to "see my light". She has a gentle, kind and calm  manner that instantly makes you feel comfortable and secure to take the risks you need to take in discussing your issues. Judy is adept at posing questions, guiding conversation and using different methods to make you reach deeper into your understanding of your 'self''. She also has practical and useful advise to give - whether you take it or not! In all our sessions together, Judy really listened to what I had to say. I felt her attention and compassion and always left our sessions better equipped to cope. You would be hard-pressed to find her equal to work with.


Shayne Middleton says...

When I came to see Judy, I was without a direction. I knew that I needed to do something, but I didn't know what. From the first day I met her, I was very comfortable. She treated me with the love, care, and attention you would expect from a close friend. With Judy you are not just a client. She genuinely cares about you."  SM

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