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Lawrence L. Thibault says...

"My name is Lawrence. Let me paint a picture of my life before therapy. I had a suppressed and controlled childhood, both at home and at school (private Catholic). I clearly remember at the age of seven praying to God to give me cancer so that I could die and escape the pain. As a teenager, I turned inward, listened to dark music and completely disconnected myself from the world. The thought of death was my closest friend and comfort. At 23 I met a beautiful girl that "woke up my soul." A lifetime of deep depression seemed to vanish; well, it vanished for about three months. Then my life turned into a "Living Hell" as I started to experience panic attacks. They got worse and I basically became agoraphobic for about thirteen years.

In those years I had four unsuccessful relationships, one being a two and a half year marriage that terminated in divorce due to my panic attacks and social immaturity. When my wife and I separated, I remember clearly what she told me, "get some professional help or you probably will never have a successful relationship."

One year after the divorce was finalized, I realized the truth. My ex-wife was right, I needed help. At thirty-three years of age I took responsibility and stopped blaming my parents, God and the rest of the world, and admitted to myself that the problem was between my two ears! In my thirty-three years of life I had gone to two psychiatrists, two psychologists, and one therapist having little or no success.

I met up with Judy Rosen in the summer of 1997. My life started to change within a very short time. Judy Rosen is a "gift from God" given to help others. I suffered for thirty-three years, wanting only to die and in just three and a half years of working with Judy, I now look forward to the rest of my life. I now pray to God everyday and ask Him to allow me to live a very long life because I have a lot of catching up to do.

Judy Rosen in my opinion is a "rocket scientist" when it comes to therapy. For the price of a good used car, I changed my life from a living hell to one of love, inner peace and joy."

Thanks for your time,
Lawrence L. Thibault

NB says...

Judith Rosen possesses the rare ability to be both compassionate and firm at the same time. For someone like myself who has issues with trust, I was surprised at the ease with which Judith made me feel both comfortable and open. Judith was able to reach out to me with her strong spiritual nature when I resisted the analytical approach.

Judith is a warm caring intelligent woman with a great deal oif life experience to share with her clients. I am grateful, very grateful to Judith for all the help and insight."  NB

KS says...

"When I first started to see Judy I was depressed and had no goals, I was feeling so hopeless.  I would have never even imagined that I would have enough motivation or nerves to go back to school and set goals for myself.  I am now in my second year of school working towards a diploma in Human Resources and I am loving it and excited about it.  Thank you Judy for helping me to see that there a bigger and better things for me in life."

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