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PH says...

"Judy helped me through a time of transition. I am happier, and no longer feel stuck. I make decisions more easily. I am becoming less critical of myself and others, and, I hope , more compassionate. My career has taken a sideways turn in which I delight. And acknowledging this, and giving Judy credit for her assistance in making these changes is one more step on the path."  PH

LO says...

"At the age of 16 I started to suffer from an eating disorder called Bulimia nervosa. At the time I felt I was in complete control of my life and my disorder, yet as time passed I realized that this disorder had complete control over me.

My life was in complete disarray. In the nest two and a half years I went on to visit many counsellors and psychiatrist, as well as some alternative therapists such as NLP.

I suffered through severe depression and violet episodes of bulimia. At one point I was taken to the hospital due to dehydration and potassium/sodium imbalance, my body went into severe shock and I had no control over my hands. I t was an extremely scary evening yet this still did not prevent me from bulimia.

About six months later I called an eating disorder information line and I was given several numbers of counsellors that specialized in eating disorders. One was Judy’s. I called several people that day and Judy’s voice stuck out in my head; it was very calm and soft. It immediately made me feel at ease and comfortably.  We made an appointment and from then on I started to go weekly.

Judy was the first person that I felt comfortable and safe with. She was the first counsellor I had been to that actually challenged me, because of this I was able to look at things differently and grow from them. Don’t get me wrong there was many times that I thought I knew better and that she was wrong. But honestly, time and time again she proved how wise she was.

Every week was definitely a learning experience for me. I have never in my life met someone who had such a strong grasp of the human psyche or the cycle of addictions. I believe Judy to be a professional, kindhearted, sincere individual that without a doubt can benefit anyone with personal problems. I strongly credit my success to
day to Judy. She truly was a fundamental part of my recovery"  LO

V says...

I have been working with Judith Rosen for the past year ­ initially to treat an acute depression, and a life long obsessive overeating disorder.

Using several treatment modalities (especially E.M.D.R. which has been very efficient and effective), she has helped me to not only understand the behaviors and beliefs I have adopted to cope with a dysfunctional upbringing, but to heal.

For the only time in my life, I am free of the deep sadness within my core and I am really enjoying my life. I am learning how to make healthier life choices, which become easier and easier. I have met he first of my fitness/weight loss goals and have significantly reduced the prescription antidepressant medications I have been taking for three years."  V

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