Judith Rosen Counselling & Therapy

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A letter to Judy from Linda PK...

"You have seen me through so many years and tears and fears that it's difficult even to express how deeply I appreciate you being in my life. I would not be the person I am today were it not for the many gentle words of wisdom and love you have shared with me. You have been my friend, my confidante, my source of strength and my healer, and you've made me laugh through my tears - one of my favorite emotions. Thank you for the many wonderful gifts you have given me - they will forever be a part of me."  PK

JR Says...

"I was in therapy with Judy Rosen for five years. In that time she helped me deal with issues from my childhood that were impacting my current relationships. Judy Rosen helped me to heal my relationship with my parents and to be able to love them unconditionally. I greatly appreciate all the tools that she gave me to help me be a healthier adult. I attribute my ability to deal with difficult situations to her counselling. She was always available when I needed her to be there for me. Judy Rosen really cares about her clients."

CL Says...

"I have been counselled by Judy for over 2 years which has lead to many positive changes in my life. Some of the changes I have experienced are increased self-esteem, independence, and better communication in my personal life and at work, a more positive attitude, decreased anxiety, more friends and activities. Judy has also helped me deal with a chronic health problem that doesn't affect me to the degree that it did before I started counslling. Judy has been very supportive and kind and I have gained many, many benefits from her counselling."  CL