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A letter to Judy from JPV…

When Judy and I started to have sessions, it proved to be hard work for me.  Many years of external and internal abuse had created a tormented mindset of opinions, all pointing to the conclusion that I was worthless, and a failure as a human being. 
Judy patiently started to deconstruct my faulty self image, coaxing the arguments from me, one by one, and slowly convincing me, again and again, of errors to my logic.  Some of her interventions I believed easily and some were stubbornly resisted, especially those that were tied to my feelings of shame, self-loathing and failure.  But, we persevered, and slowly my opinion about myself started to improve. Patiently she helped me, month after month, slowly drawing me out of dwelling in the past, and moving me into the present. 
Our greatest collective success, to date, was that she finally helped me to say goodbye to my oldest crutch, a lifelong dependence on alcohol. 
After much convincing, I am finally free of alcohol and am thinking of healthier ways to dull the edge of the stress in my life. I am now a much more positive person without alcohol degrading my sense of self. I still run into problems, like everyone, but, I see them differently.  I am different, better.