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Nancy M. talks of renewed self-confidence…

When I began seeing Judy, I was experiencing crippling anxiety that was making my world smaller and smaller. Panic attacks were causing me to avoid all the things in life that I had formerly loved and I only felt comfortable leaving my home if I was accompanied by my most trusted family members and friends.
Bit by bit Judy helped me unravel many past experiences that were too painful to revisit on my own. Her compassion and caring gave me the confidence to keep going. I knew that with Judy, I was safe. Now I feel a wonderful renewal in my self-confidence and a place of serenity in my heart. I have a sense of inner strength that I had forgotten that I even had.
If you are considering therapy for any reason, Judy will work hard with you to accomplish your goals. She provides respectful, experienced, professional help that is tempered with true kindness and caring. I am living, breathing proof that working with Judy can be truly life changing.

 Nancy M.