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Judy Talks About Women and Their Bodies

As a therapist, one of my specialties is eating disorders, but I would like to put my professional experience aside for a moment and just talk about women and their relationship to their bodies. In my personal life I know of very few women who are satisfied with their body. It doesn't seem to matter what size, shape or weight we are, itís not good enough. Even the "perfect," young, slim women complain daily about their bellies or their thighs or some other minor "imperfection." How sad, how very sad.

What has happened to us that we have to be so perfect and so slim? Marilyn Monroe's body surely would have been rejected by the Hollywood moguls. The media seems to predict what shape we have to come in, while the corporate world profits as we careen back and forth from dieting to over eating. And in all this what has happened to us and our relationship to our bodies?

There is an idealized form hanging over all of our heads. It's slim, long and busty with very little hip or buttocks and certainly no tummy! There is none of the soft fatty tissue that has defined us as women for centuries. This unforgiving ideal eliminates at least 90% of women. We happen to come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us have husky bodies, or we are voluptuous large women, or beautiful pear shapes with broad hips to hold our babies. Other women are thin like gazelles with small delicate breasts. And all of us are beautiful. These bodies house our souls and they carry the great miracle of the planet - the ability to create and nurture life. How could we not be beautiful?

Unfortunately, we have objectified our bodies. They are no longer us. They have become an object to be moulded into the ideal, while we standby and continue to criticize.

What to do? I'd like to rail against the advertising and corporate worlds, but my belief is that they will change when we change. We need to take back our bodies and accept them as they are. We need to love and appreciate them for their unique and beautiful forms. And we, as women, need to honour the diversity of our shapes.

If you are a woman who dishonours her body, I offer a professional service that can help you relate to your body in a new way.  Please call me. My number is 604-538-9796.